Dear, you.

Dear, you.

Thank you for the kindness. Thank you for taking care of me. Thank you for everything you have said, and the things you have made. Thank you for the laugh and happiness you had bring to my days. I’m so thankful to know you. It was a pleasent to have you as a friend. Yep! We were friend, and will always be friend. I’d really know that this friendship won’t ever change to relationship.

Sorry for being so cruel. Sorry if I’ve had hurt you without even noticing it. You were interesting, and I was interested, but…. For sure…… I can’t find out the chemistry between us. It was so sucks. I’m sucks.

I’d like you, but I couldn’t love you. I don’t wanna hurt you deeper. And I thought, leaving this stuff behind and living my life on my own way is the only thing I should do. This is my choice, and I hope you’ll understand. Just being friend and never thought about relationship, is the best thing for us. It’s more than enough. You’re a good boy, so you deserved better. Someday, somewhere, I believe you’ll find out the right girl for you, but that’s not me :)

Once again, I’m so thankful to know you. I’ve asked myself, why can’t I get the chemistry between us? Is it your fault? No! It’s a big no! Is it my fault? Um…. Absolutely….. Yes. This is my fault. It’s not an easy thing to make sure myself is this love or just an interested feeling, when I’ve being single for a long long time.

Okay, I thought it’s more than enough to show you what’s on my mind. Sorry if I’ve never told you, because you’ve never asked me about it, about my feelings, about what I thought about us. You always acted like there’s nothing wrong, but you didn’t know there’s a big storm in my heart and my mind…. Okay! Never mind! I gotta go from your life because I should living my own life in my own way without even noticing what other people thinks about it. The show must go on, rite? Okay! Good luck for your life, dude! Have fun and find out your Mrs. Right, okay? God bless you :)

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